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Websites Designed
to Make you money.

A professional web design allows businesses to convert visitors into long-term customers via subscription buttons and social media buttons. At Minie Solutions we create our websites under three principals: profit through conversion, being search engine and user friendly

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What's Under the Hood?

Check out what’s included with each of our website designs.

Our websites are built on WordPress for high functionality, customization, and SEO capabilities.

We build your website on a “SILO” structure which is the best for SEO. Tag, meta-descriptions, and headers are configured for basic niche related keywords.

Strategically placed email subscription forms to grow your current email list. 

Compressing images and cache clearing tools to help your website achieve a Googles recommend page load times.

Our 1-hour brain storming sessions allow us to combine ideas and sketch a draft for your project. At the end of each project you will also be taught how to use your website with a 1-Hour learning Session.

Hamilton Web Design

At Minie Solutions we specialize in award winning designs that drive customers to you. With thorough research and planning, each website is customized according to your goals for success. Our interoperable designs will look beautiful no matter the device, operating system, or browser it’s viewed on.

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what you should know.

Web Design Facts

1 %
of users stop engaging if a website loads slowly
1 %
of users judge business credibility based off its design
1 %
Of consumers use multiple devices to visit the same website
The Strategy

We pride ourselves in complete transparency with every project. By creating a fixed schedule, we are able to give you definite progress reports. Expect weekly updates and constant communication with our marketing head.

Brampton SEO


1-Hour brainstorm

Meet up with our developers to draft the perfect website plan for your business.



A detailed planner mapping out completion dates for web pages, site structure, SEO, etc.


Graphic creation

We source photos and create personalized graphics that make your website unique.



1-Hour tutorial on how to use your website, and make minor configurations.

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Web Design Hamilton

Hamilton is home to 536,915 residents. There are thousands of visitors coming to the city for nature attractions such as the African Lion Safari, Royal Botanical Gardens, and Webster Falls. Hamilton Web Design is needed because there are at least hundreds of thousands of people searching for your website on the internet. If you are not visible on the internet, your business is losing clients.

Web design is one of the most inexpensive but effective forms of marketing to date. Your website allows you to showcase information about your product and services. With an eCommerce website you will be able to sell internationally, creating another form of revenue.

Advantages of owning a website

In the age of technology, a business without a website does not seem to exist. People are using their desktops, mobile phones, or tablet devices to browse for product information.

Having a website not only establishes credibility but it allows consumers to browse through your business, its message, and its products.

Target Larger Market 
With having a website you will be able to connect with international buyers who are searching for your product or service. Your website can act as a store-front window, allowing online customers to browse and purchase your items.

Increased Profits
A properly built website should not only be functional but it must be able to convert visitors into clients. You can get creative with your website by creating opt-in forms, pop-ups, and live-chat to up-sell. Additionally you will be able to track what visitors on your website interact with, to get a better understanding of what methods of conversion work best.

Simply by being online can build your credibility. Visitors are able to see reviews of your business which can add to the buying factor. A professional design enhances  your business professionalism.


The best At what we do.

Minie Solutions is a small local digital agency based in Canada. With a collection of experts who specialize in different fields, we are able to create a plan that suits your overall needs.

We love online success and create each design based on three factors:

  •  Search Engine Optimization
  • Increased conversions
  • Intuitive design

Designs use WordPress CMS which allows for easy updates and improved web speed. 

SEO Integration
We apply a SILO structure which strengthens your link-building campaign. All images and pages are cached and compressed to maintain Google’s recommended page speed. 

We apply basic SEO methods:

  •  Configuring headers
  • Configuring tags and meta descriptions
  • Creating and uploading Sitemap on Google Console

Allow us to rank you on the top pages of Google with our SEO services.

Increased Conversions
Each design will include at least 1 strategically placed opt-in mailing form or pop-up which will allow you to collect customer email information.  Social Media is implemented on every page, allowing customers to share your product to friends. 

Visually Appealing
A websites trust is based on its design. A functional mobile website allows customers to reach you on other devices besides desktop. We guarantee each design looks beautiful regardless of the device it is viewed on.

Increase your roi

Since a web design is a marketing investment, pricing is reflected based on the anticipated return on investment and workload. During the consultation you can expect a price depending on your websites functionality and design.

Sometimes we even recommend having our SEO services to give you optimal return on investment.

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