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What's Under the Hood?

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Our websites are built on WordPress for high functionality, customization, and SEO capabilities.

We build your website on a “SILO” structure which is the best for SEO. Tag, meta-descriptions, and headers are configured for basic niche related keywords.

Strategically placed email subscription forms to grow your current email list. 

Compressing images and cache clearing tools that help your website achieve a Googles recommend page load times.

Our 1-hour brain storming sessions allow us to combine ideas and sketch a draft for your project. At the end of each project you will also be taught how to use your website with a 1-Hour learning Session.

All-in-one Web Design

Not all websites are created equally. Our professional web design concepts not only offer a beautiful layout to represent your business but it will also be a platform that will help grow your clientele-base. 

Each design is built with SEO and conversions in mind. This is done by creating a fast-loading pages on a search-engine friendly website structure. 

You can expect an increase in conversion rates through strategically placed e-mail subscription boxes, which will allow you to build your mailing list and send out future promotions.

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Mobile Functionality

According to Blue Corona, in 2015 mobile traffic had surpassed desk-top traffic for the first time. In 2018, 52.25% of online traffic was generated via mobile devices. This number is expected to increase.

If a website is not mobile-friendly, lower traffic and high bounce rates are expected. This can lead to clients leaving your website and heading to your competitors mobile-friendly website.

Minie Solutions understands the importance of keeping up with website design trends which is why we never create a web design that does not offer mobile compatibility.

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Web Design Facts

1 %
of users stop engaging if a website loads slowly
1 %
of users judge business credibility based off its design
1 %
Of consumers use multiple devices to visit the same website
The Strategy

Our philosophy for each transaction is transparency and communication.We love to discuss your dream website and bring it to life which is why we offer a 1 hour brainstorming session to draft the project. During this time, we discuss your deadline, idea’s, and expectations.

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1-Hour brainstorm

Meet up with our developers to draft the perfect website plan for your business.



A detailed planner mapping out completion dates for web pages and its content.


Graphic creation

We source photos and create personalized graphics that make your website unique.



1-Hour tutorial on how to use your website, and make minor configurations.

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Professional Web Design

Any business choosing to compete against others online or offline should own a professional website. Since your website is the face of your online presence, it’s the most important tool in conveying the credibility and professionalism of your business. With the help of a professional web designer, your online visibility will increase and they will help you stay up-to-date with the latest web-design trends.

Businesses that choose not to have a professionally built website run the risk of losing potential customers via the Internet or at a physical store. Consumers are constantly evaluating product, its reviews, and companies. No matter the deal, if a website does not seem secure or professional customers simply move on to the next seller.


Advantages of a Professional website

In the modern era, if your business is not online, your business does not exist. Smartphones, computers, and tablet devices have made it extremely easy for product research. No longer is our society flipping through the Yellow Pages to find a plumber because it is at our finger tips. Due to its convenience there are many benefits of owning a website:

Online Presence is Everything.

The internet has become the number one way of sourcing product or business information. Therefore, your website can be the best platform in getting your message across for your products and services., product, and services across to potential buyers. Filling your website up with consumer reports, reviews, and the story of your business can be a huge buying factor for those who are on the fence.

Increased Profit
A professional web designer allows you to create subscription buttons and opt-in pages that allow you to obtain customer information. With a developed mailing list, you can send out product promotions instantly. 

Owning a professional website ensures that customers trust your brand and feel safe to purchase from you. Customer reviews will act as a buying factor which will persuade potential clients to purchase your products. 

Custom Design
A professional web design can help bring your dream website to life. Web designers will evaluate your business, products, and service whiling working with you to complete your web design goals. Maybe you want to generate more leads and build your email list. A professional web designer will understand exactly what to implement to help you achieve it.


The best At what we do.

Our departments include marketing, SEO, and web design. Connecting you with our team of specialists enables us to give you the best overall strategy. 

Our sole purpose is not just the design of the website but how well it converts. We love each client to reap the profits of a professional web design. Through strategic call to action and subscription buttons, we are able to properly upsell your product or build your email list. Your online success is our success.

Our websites are crafted on WordPress to allow for easy updates, optimal page speed, and its valuable plugins. You will receive a custom website created from scratch, as-well as customized icons to suit your business style. 

SEO Integration
We integrate a SILO structure which allow search engines to crawl your website effectively.  In order to speed up your website we compress its images and clear your cache. The following are configured for basic SEO: 

  • Meta Descriptions
  • Tags
  • Headers
  • Site-map
  • Page structure

 On-site SEO can only go so far which is why I recommend our SEO services to get you on the top page of Google.

Increased Conversions
Focusing on promotions allows you to up-sell products or advertise future deals. Each website contains opt-in pages or subscription buttons allowing you to build a list of email or phone leads. Gain valuable insight on customers by placing surveys on your website. All pages have social media buttons so customers can easily share your page among friends.

Mobile Functionality
Mobile websites are included with each web design. Mobile functionality is not only important for lead generation but Google loves it as-well.

Increase your roi

Since a web design is a marketing investment, pricing is reflected based on the anticipated return on investment and workload. During the consultation you can expect a price depending on your websites functionality and design.

Sometimes we even recommend having our SEO services to give you optimal return on investment.

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Free SEO Analysis

Figure out what’s holding your website back with a free SEO analysis report. 

Free SEO Analysis

Figure out what’s holding your website back with a free SEO analysis report. 


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