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Make you money.

Every day hundreds of people are searching for your services through popular search engines. If you are not applying SEO you are LOSING clients. We can help you generate leads by maintaining a first page ranking on Google for keywords that matter.

SEO Professionals

What's Under the Hood?

Click any of the following topics to get a better understanding of the steps we take to boost your authority on Google.

Compiling your top 10 competitors back link strategy, obtaining their links, and out ranking them. 

In-depth keyword research report sourced by 3 of the major SEO tools on the market. Contains high-value keywords, competition, and monthly search volume.

Content is king when it comes to ranking. Minie connects you with high authority content that helps your customers and your ranking. We Implement a content publishing plan that is synchronized with your social media. Content is created by journalists and university graduates.

Connecting your website with high-local citations which will boost your local rankings and placements.

Increased conversions through strategically placed sign-up forms. Aids in growing revenue by building and monetizing email lists.​

Compressing images and cache clearing tools to help your website achieve Googles recommend page loading times.

What you need to know.

The game of SEO isn’t what it use to be. Stuffing articles with keywords can result in Google Penalties and there are so many other variables in the equation.

Safe web pages, site speed and quality content is a huge part of SEO. Minie Solutions has a detailed process of research for the best search engine results. 

kitchener web design

Google 3 PACK - The shortcut to the first page of google

When a visitor enters a search query on Google that contains “local intent” (in this case plumber in kitchener), three grouped businesses appear. There’s an obvious emphasis on these locations because these businesses are displayed after PPC (paid adwords) results and before organic search results.

Why does this matter?
More searches occur on mobile devices than desktop. In In terms of mobile traffic statistics, the first result of the Google 3 pack receives 24.48% of clicks while the third and forth contain 13.81% and 9.5%.

The Local 3 Pack can potentially be the first thing a customer sees when searching for your product or service. This can create tidal wave of visibility for your business.

Minie Solutions helps by increasing your odds of your business appearing on the Google 3-Pack when a customer searches for your services via Google.


What are

Your Chances of Being Clicked?

1 %
Position 1
1 %
Position 2
1 %
position 3
The Strategy

Our philosophy for each transaction is transparency and communication. We would love to discuss your business and its goals with SEO. You can count on constant progress reports and updates when choosing our agency.

Brampton SEO


keyword research

Keyword report containing high-value niche keywords and its monthly search volume


Site Optimization

Ensuring your website is search engine friendly by configuring tags and its structure.


local domination

Scale local rankings multiple city pages, 3-pack Google Listing, and high authority local citations.


link building

Creating a diversified link building campaign made consisting of  authority websites within your niche.

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Why Choose SEO?

People use search engines to browse for products, services, read reviews, and information. In this digital age, if you are not seen on the search engines it is as if your business does not exist.

Everyone is on the Internet.
Search engine optimization is the best form of marketing because consumers are constantly looking for local businesses through smart-phones, tablets, and computers. Whether it be searching for a gardener, plumber, or partaking in online shopping; everything is digital.


SEO should be part of every marketing strategy because it is extremely effective. Search engines connect your business with people who are ready to buy. After all, they are searching for it. Radio and television advertisements contain a large audience. Some of who may not be interested in your services.

The first ranking website on Google screams credibility. People trust search engines to gather relevant results at the top of its pages. 

Good things come in three's

Minie Solutions is a local digital agency with department specialists in SEO, design, and marketing. Every team member has an important skill-set that contributes to each project. Our diversity and different backgrounds allows us to bring you the the best overall results.

3-Page SEO Report
Keyword research is fundamental for each campaign. By sourcing the latest tools in research we are able to focus on the metrics that matter, inspect your competitors link building strategy and find high-value keywords within your niche.

3-Pack Google Listings
Choosing the 3-Pack Google Listing is your fast-pass to the first page of Google. It allows customers to view eye-catching details such as reviews, images, business number and your hours. We can guarantee you a spot in the 3-Pack.


Our Method
A combination of Google Adwords and organic SEO methods are used to provide effective and efficient results. Our SEO methods are considered to be “White-hat” to prevent your website from incurring any penalties from Google.  


Increase your roi

Pricing is reflected based on the anticipated return on investment. We aim to provide each client 100% your ROI per campaign. Our anticipated ROI is customized for each individual business. Factors include:

  • Worth of each client
  • Websites ability to convert
  • Site Structure
  • Competitiveness of niche

Sometimes we even recommend having our web-designers build your website from scratch for optimal SEO results.

We provide SEO in the following cities:


Free SEO Analysis

Figure out what’s holding your website back with a free SEO analysis report. 

Free SEO Analysis

Figure out what’s holding your website back with a free SEO analysis report. 


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